Built to withstand the worst that Mother Nature has to offer, our data center is ready to house your mission-critical data.  Rest easy knowing that your data is well protected and will be there when you need it.

Construction of this up-to-date facility was completed in 2007.  Designed with reliability and redundancy in mind, this facility is built to withstand an F-5 tornado and offers an array of modern security features.  Below is a summary of the facility's features:

•    90 ton dual compressor Liebert cooling system
•    Redundant 3-phase primary power (dual feed from separate sub-stations)
•    A and B redundant power to each rack
•    750 KVA Kohler power generator
•    MGE Dual 225 KVA UPS system
•    Key card controlled access
•    External and internal video surveillance
•    FE-25 (HFC-125) fire suppression system

Also, this facility undergoes a thorough audit every year to ensure compliance with SAS 70 standards.  The Statement on Auditing Standards (SAS) No. 70, is a widely recognized auditing standard developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).  The SAS 70 audit  provides an in-depth examination of control objectives and control activities for third-party service providers that hold data, especially financial data, for other organizations.