Baby Your Data

Experience the ultimate TLC at our secure data housing center. We cater to those who want personalized attention while their mission-critical data is safely housed within a hardened, fully-redundant and state-of-the-art facility.

Part of PES Energize, our facility is located in Pulaski, Tennessee. The perfect place for your data. Safe, secure and pampered.

What's the price?

We'll show you just how easy it is to do business with PES Energize.  Our first-class facility is ready to house your mission-critical data. Our pricing plans are straightforward and competitively priced. When you house your data with PES Energize, you are not just another customer. We cater to those that want personalized attention while enjoying the benefits of a hardened and fully-redundant facility. Whether you are interested in renting full racks, half racks or per server space, our simple pricing plans make it easy to get started.